Three Things Monday (FEB 24)

Sarah’s Story

Worth five minutes to read. “I went into my freshman year at college with a plan to kill myself by Christmas break. I had excelled academically in high school and often reveled in my own sense of superiority. I wore black, I read existential literature, I had a lip ring. I was enlightened. More than anything I wanted to be tragic and important.”

The Closing Ceremonies and the End of History

Ed Uszynski writes about the closing ceremonies and the peace we seek and the day we will find it. 

Marriage and Purity

Maybe you saw the picture that went viral last month. This is the story of the bride behind the picture.
“I wanted to share the story behind the photo for the hundreds of thousands of people who found inspiration through this sweet moment we had.”

Three Things Monday

Cork board, three things

Every Monday I’ll post three things worth checking out when you have a few free minutes.

1. Honoring Your Parents While Disagreeing With Them. Zachery Perkins writes, “So, how do we go about disagreeing with our parents while also keeping the commandment to ‘honor thy father and mother’? Here are five things to keep in mind when we face disagreements with our parents”

2. Facebook Knows When You Fall In love. What your Facebook activity reveals about your love life. Is the study true for you?

3. Toxic Porn, Toxic Sex. Gene McConnell: “On a cold, dark night, there’s nothing better than a blazing fire in the fireplace. It’s safe, warm, relaxing and romantic. Now take that same fire out of the fireplace and drop it in the middle of the living room. Suddenly it becomes destructive. Sex is like that fire. As long as it’s expressed in the protective commitment of a marriage relationship, it’s wonderful, warm and romantic. But porn takes sex outside that context.”