Graduating is not the Goal

jesus, graduation, mission

Jesus never asked you to graduate college.

Jesus did command you to make disciples.

The two are too easily confused. I know because most people will graduate without ever making a disciple.

A college degree is a worthy endeavor, in fact, I have two of them. I cannot tell you what God has planned for you educationally, but I know God’s will is that you share the Gospel with people.

Do you believe that the greatest reason you are in college is because God called you there to be a missionary? If this is true, then there are some things to remember as school starts this year:

1. Your friend’s eternal destiny is more important than your temporary destiny

Preparing yourself for the next chapter of life is important but not nearly as important as Jesus is to your lab partner. Set good priorities this year and remind yourself daily of what is really important.

2. Manage your time.

Your parents have paid a lot of money for a degree (or you are paying for it). In 2014 it will cost on average $30,094 to attend a private university. If you throw in food and a place to sleep, it gets even higher. If you are paying that much money, you should graduate. Manage your time in such a way that you can study and live life on mission. Maybe this means less time in front of a computer screen and more time on your knees. 

3. Love without limits.

Open your apartment to new friends, cook a meal for freshmen, leave the comfort zone of your friends to reach others, or offer to give rides in your car every time it is possible. We will go to great lengths to sacrifice for a test (you’ll pull a couple all-nighters this year). Why can’t we go to extraordinary lengths to love others?

4. Commit to growth.

Find a community of believers who want to live out the mission of the church. Join a small group, be at church, and disciple someone. If the greatest thing you will do in college is make disciples, then surround yourself with people who are doing that. Also, commit to training yourself to be a disciple.

Thankfully, it is possible to graduate and make disciples at the same time. Go make disciples and while you are at it, maybe you will graduate college.

What good is graduating if your roommate never heard of Jesus?


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