New Year’s Reset

new yearIt was a weekly ritual for us growing up. On Sunday mornings my family would head to church, Sunday school class followed by service. But the tradition didn’t stop there, after service we would load up our red mini-van and head for my grand-parents’ house for Sunday Lunch. I looked forward to Sundays, but not because for the reason you may be thinking. It really had nothing to do with Sunday school, church, or family.
My Grandma loves video games and she owned the old grey original Nintendo system. My parents never bought us a video game system growing up, so we this was the one chance for me and my brother to play games!

After scarfing down lunch, my brother and I would retreat to the basement and sit around a small black and white TV to play our Nintendo games. We wasted hours in front of that screen. But I probably wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.
For the most part, those afternoons were filled with laughter and fun (maybe more for me than my brother who I routinely beat at all games, like any good older brother does). But there was always one frustrating moment. It was likely to happen once each Sunday. While playing a game, the screen would freeze. A loud beep would come out from the speakers – which meant there was no saving it, the only thing you could do was press the “reset” button.

I’ve noticed that in my spiritual life, sometimes it’s like that Nintendo system, it just freezes. Sometimes I just need to press “reset” and go back to the basics. It’s not that I need to restart, its that I need to be reminded of the basics again.

I’m not really into New Year Resolutions – so as we enter 2014, can I share with you my 10 resets?

Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Speak life when your words could cut down others.
2. Trust relentlessly when I could be trapped by fear.
3. Serve selflessly when I could demand attention.
4. Be courageous in sharing when I could disappear in the crowd.
5. Pray for those I have never met when I could waste time on Facebook.
6. Purse holiness when those around me don’t.
7. Spend money on others when I could buy for myself.
8. Take risks when I could choose fear.
9. Practice humility when I feel important.
10. Read the Word with my best when I could wait for convenience.

The New Year gives us an opportunity to press “reset”. What is something you want to focus on?