Sitting above my desk at church is a Calendar that my sister gave me for Christmas. Each month has one or two pictures from the youth group. There are two pictures for the month of March. The first is a funny one of some students all looking scared and worried. There picture is taken with a sign that reads, “Ride at your own risk.” Here it is…

It makes me laugh every time I see it. It was taken at a local theme park two summers ago. You can find that same sign throughout the park in front of nearly every ride. I’m sure there is some risk when you get on the different rides. Some of them are pretty old and look like they may just break at any moment. Despite the risk, how much would we miss out on if we looked at that sign and said, “I’m not willing to ‘take a risk’ and go on this ride.”

There are a lot of things in life that are”ride at your own risk.” There are numerous examples that come to my mind.

Sharing Christ with a friend is a risk. You might be rejected.

Standing up for truth is a risk. You might be rejected.

Choosing to live a life that is “set apart” is risky. You might be rejected.

I’ve read stories of countless people who have given up great, well-paying jobs to be a pastor or missionary. Pastor Paul Kim, our pastor, has a PhD in something crazy like nuclear science… but he gave it up to be a pastor…what a risk!

Someone once said, “the greatest risk is not risking anything at all.” I’m not sure who said it, but its true.

The second picture on my calendar for the month of March is of me and Joe. . Here it is.

It was a pretty fun ride. I guess you could say, “the risk paid off.”

The Bible is full of risk takers.

Moses going before Pharaoh.

David standing before Goliath.

Peter stepping out of the boat onto the water.

Paul giving up his life to preach the Gospel.

God didn’t save us to sit behind a sign scared, he saved us to take a risk and live a life for him. I wonder how different our church would be if we were willing to risk everything to reach everyone. I wonder how different our lives would look if we were willing to risk our pride to serve others.

I wonder how many of us are sitting behind the sign sacred. You’re probably risking more sitting there, than if you were out doing something.

Take a risk, do something great!