What a day…

I’m currently sitting at a Starbucks in Portland, waiting patiently for my wife to arrive. It might be awhile, she is just leaving Salem. It feels like it has already been a long day! I got up around 5:30 this morning and drove to my parents house and jumped in their truck and headed for Seattle. My little brother was running in his final cross country meet of his college career so I went to cheer him on. It was fun, just an early morning.

After stopping for Coffee and a Donut shop in Seattle we were lucky to watch the whole race with no rain falling on us! That was amazing since it rained the whole car ride to Seattle. After the race we loaded back up in the truck and headed home.

Which leads me to this Starbucks (where I have purchased my second coffee of the day). My parents dropped me off across the street actually at a McDonald’s. In just over an hour I will be heading to a wedding for Darren and Sarah. So, I have time to waste as I wait for Charissa to show up to go to the wedding. After changing into my nice, wedding clothes in the bathroom of McDonald’s I walked over here. So, I wait.

In the mean time…It’s gotten pretty dark out and I love big cities at night. Some of you know I would love to live in a big city just to be able to look out the window at night. You see so many interesting people. There’s a lot of interesting people in this little Starbucks. I have already (in like 20 minutes) been asked if I am Tyler and Derick. Once by a guy and the other by a girl. I guess they are meeting people here…oddly as I look around, they are both still waiting for Tyler and Derick.

If you are actually still reading this, congradulations, because this post is pretty much about nothing. But I will end by saying, I’m excited for church tomorrow. We’re talking about humility for the second straight week. It’s not really a fun topic to discuss…mainly because I’m not that humble. You could probably accurately discribe me as a pridefull person who is persuing humility but continually fails. But I’m excited for church because I actually like church. I like getting together, worshiping, eating, and simply hanging out. I feel bad for people who sneak in the back of a church just before it starts and quickly exit at the end…they don’t really experience church. Considering that church isn’t a building or a program but people…If you don’t interact with people it really isn’t church. So,

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