Everything has a purpose.

A pencil is for writing, an umbrella keeps the rain off you, coffee gives energy (and tastes good), school is for learning and guns are for killing.

Some things have noble purposes, others mundane and some even evil.

Different things, different purposes.

What good is something if it isn’t being used for its purpose. There is a pencil sharpener that sits on the corner of my desk. It has been there for the past two and a half years and I have never used it. Actually, I don’t think I even own a pencil. Basically, that electric pencil sharpener serves only one purpose at the moment: a paper weight. It’s a pretty good paper weight. When I put paper under it, the paper never falls off the desk. In fact, I don’t think I have ever had a better paper weight.

As good of paper weight as it may be…its purpose is to sharpen pencils. And I bet it is a good pencil shapener too.

Isn’t it tradgic when something doesn’t do what it was made to do.

Isn’t it tradgic when someone doesn’t do what it they were made to do?

The natural question is, what was I made to do. I’ll tell you some of the answer. You were made to be in a divine romance with the King of Kings. You were made to honor and glorify him with your life. You were made to worship. You were made to lead others to the Savior. The list could continue.

The second half of the question is for you to answer.

Someone may be called to be a doctor. Great! Now honor and glorify God in that.

Someone may be called to be a student for the time being. Great! Now let your life be a worship service before God.

Someone may be called to be a janitor. Great! Now serve God as you work.

The tragedy is when someone misses one of the two parts. Either they don’t glorify God in what they do…or they are not doing what God created them to do.

So, may our prayer be that we live the life God has called us to live, nothing more….nothing less.
In doing that we will live with purpose.

Everyone has a purpose. Don’t get caught living out the wrong purpose.

One thought on “Purpose

  1. Bryan–thanks for the encouragement! Keep on keeping on! Tell all the Koreans hi for me!! =)

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